One of our core goals is:

To earn the full satisfaction of our customers and employees. To this end, we build and operate a quality management system that provides the means to perform high-quality services related to industrial process controlling networks.

Our company policy is to provide services only that meet the requirements of our customers in all respects, the contractual terms and conditions, the technical requirements, standards and legislation applicable to our business.

We have the following goals for our policy:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction with a thorough and flexible business activity.

  • We perform our activities in a controlled manner so that we do not make mistakes.

  • Process control systems work safely at all times and do not cause production loss to the operator.

  • Whenever possible, we always design and build devices that meet the latest technical standards in our systems.

  • We do our job not to cause harm to our environment and do not suffer any harm to our employees or partners.

  • In order to make our operations more efficient, we always seek and use the most appropriate information tools.

  • With the involvement of all our partners, we continuously improve our management system.

  • The Company sets goals for continuous improvement, the implementation of which is under increased supervision and modified as necessary.

  • To achieve our goals, PROMIR Ltd. is committed to the operation and continuous development of an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified by an independent organization.


Do you have any questions? Would you like to request more information about our services? Our colleagues provide detailed information even in the form of a free call back.