The predecessor of our company, ÉPKOMP Bt., was founded in 1992 with the participation of private individuals. From the outset, our main field of activity was the design and implementation of industrial process control systems. In 2005, our company changed its corporate form and name, and in its present form the Promir Engineering Office, Service Provider Ltd. was established.

Since 2010 we have ISO9001 quality management certificate.

Our main activity as the main contractor of complete control technology and industrial process control systems is their planning, production, programming, on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance. We can create the technologies and their automation tasks as required, starting from the survey, and we create plans that take into account the needs of our customers. We have EPLAN8 planning software for creating layouts.


The manufacturing process, from design to assembly, takes place in our own workshop with precise deadlines. To be delivered to the site and put into operation by our mechanics is an option. Thanks to our reliable supplier partners and our qualified staff, we can also serve an urgent deadline.

We deal with the programming of many systems and devices at Promir Kft. These include transparent and user-friendly HMI applications that are made for a clear human-machine connection and provide diagnostic functions to meet customer needs.

Our company pays great attention to making the energy use of existing or newly installed systems as efficient as possible. With the help of the monitoring system – from the continuously measured and stored – energy consumption data, you can create dashboards serving the needs of the user and graphs and tables showing the past energy consumption. We provide assistance for this even after the implementation of the application, we undertake the preparation of complex reports on an ongoing basis.

We undertake all the services within our scope of activity from the assessment of needs through design to implementation. The survey, design and implementation are carried out by our trained, experienced engineers who provide support after the handover and provide training at the request of our customers. Through the introduction of new systems, we provide ongoing support, and after the transfer we provide our customers with full warranty and support.


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Varga-Tóth István


Szancsik Ferenc


Palecska Gábor

project manager

Deák Zsolt

operational manager

Balog Tünde


Mendei Árpád

IT expert

Szöllősi Sándor

technical preparations

Deák Ádám

leading developer


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